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404 Dinner

 This is an invite only event.

The 404 South Broad Dinner is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, Living Walls, and artists, businesses, and residents of the South Atlanta Arts District. The dinner will serve as a platform for Atlantans to create a vision for the area. Through the act of dining, attendees will conduct a research project that seeks to find out what the residents of South Downtown wish to see in their community in the coming years. The dinner will uncover the histories of the residents in the area. How long have you lived here? What does this place mean to you? What is your connection with this place?

Atlanta is amidst rapid changes, particularly within the South Downtown area. As a way to strive for more organic change and growth, the dinner will ask the residents of South Downtown what is it they envision for the future of the neighborhood, and what can we all do better to keep the history of the neighborhood alive.

This project is...
An exercise in listening: Prior to the dinner, the curators worked with the residents, business owners and organizations in the area to find out how to organize the dinner and who to invite to the table.

A process of inclusivity:
The curators worked with the street’s residents to create the dinner’s format. All members were involved in figuring out the questions to be asked, conversation topics to be presented, and even the music to be played during the meal.

An act of research and documentation:
During the dinner, attendees will interact in various creative ways with questions and maps at the dinner table. Surveys will be presented for the participants to interact with, draw, and write on. Extensive documentation will also take place at the dinner–the materials collected will be displayed later in gallery and or
online settings.

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