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Artworks on View

  • 153-171 M.L.K. Jr Dr NW Atlanta, GA, 30303 United States (map)

These works will be on view throughout the Elevate Festival

Friday, October 14th-Friday, October 21st

Gallery Hours

6:00-9:00 PM Daily

11:00 AM-4:00 PM on Friday, October 21st

Mural by Yoyo Ferro- Untitled

Located on Broad Street SW

Benito Yoyo Ferro created an abstract mural on the facade of the Atlanta Eye Care Building on the corner of Broad Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Before beginning to paint, Ferro met with residents and neighborhood groups to discuss and get approval for his brilliant design. He further engaged the community by working with them to paint the mural.

Artist Statement
“Since the beginning of this year, I’ve created a series of murals and gallery works that portray emotional characters interacting with an energetic abstract landscape. They’re part of a universe created from one continuous line, representing all things that are connected, that inevitably crosses itself, creating a diverse range of emotions and obstacles, represented by different colorful patterns, in my characters’ lives.”

Murals by William Mitchell- Victory!, High Roller, & Erase Scars

To address the concept of Microcosm, three murals were created by William Mitchell on and around Broad Street that beautify and promote the history of South Downtown. The murals will artistically open up barriers, connecting with the location and the history of Atlanta in a style that references older styles of sign painting and murals of Atlanta.


1. 87 Broad St. SW
2. 97 Peachtree St. SW
3. 98 Broad St. SW

Light Installation by Meptik - Located on Broad Street SW (on view through the 18th)

“Our concepts center around the idea that light brings life to spaces. The use of light as an artistic medium can change an otherwise darkly lit street into an inviting and mesmerizing place for people to gather. The installation uses light to bring new life to both South Broad and Downtown Atlanta.

“One of the most iconic features on South Broad are its lumbering white awnings, remnants of the 1996 Olympics. By using these as a central aspect of our installation, we aim to revitalize these forgotten structures. The concept behind the installation is to create a highway of light down South Broad. The light patterns can also be synced to music, creating an immersive experience for all who pass through.”
- Meptik

Cartooning for Peace "The Art of Democracy" - Corner of MLK, Jr. Dr. & Peachtree Street

Forty political cartoons from more than thirty different cartoonists from Cartooning for Peace will be displayed on the sidewalks of Martin Luther King Dr. SW and Peachtree St. SW (concentrated at their intersection).

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of more than 140 dedicated press cartoonists from around the world who use humor as a universal language to promote freedom, understanding, and mutual respect between people of different cultures and religions. Cartooning for Peace organizes conferences and exhibitions showcasing cartoonists’ works and expressions of peace. Offering a platform for people willing to challenge intolerance, dogmatism, prejudice, and intellectual conformity, the organization has served as a tool to advance democracy and freedom of expression.

CHROMA/Atlanta Women Photographers - Gallery 72

Gallery 72’s Kevin Sipp curated a diverse show bringing together various Atlanta women photographers from different cultural, ethnic, and generational viewpoints.

Sisters Song: Awaken is an all-women exhibition that explores, from a womanist perspective, the impact that migration, development, and gentrification have on the city’s inhabitants, old and new. The hopes, fears, tensions, and collaborations that grow out of the changing racial and cultural narratives of contemporary Atlanta is the nexus of the presentation.

Tiona McClodden "Sweet Atlanta Black Simulacrum" - Broad Street Visitor's Center

Sweet Atlanta Black Simulacrum is a multi-media installation consisting of projections, images, and sound. Set within a real estate style display, the installation subverts and challenges the current state of the city’s relationship to gentrification as a complicit and non-complicit act of cultural erasure and re-appropriation of the real. Rooted within the work of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard’s exploration of the concept of simulacrum–structured in a series of representations and moving from the prompt of producing a “copy of the real” – McClodden will feature her extensive video archive of Atlanta’s Black subculture communities from the years of 2000–2006 when she worked as a freelance videographer to fund her personal film and artwork, before leaving to pursue a career as an artist in North Philadelphia where she has lived and worked for ten years. This work will also feature McClodden’s longtime collaborator, Atlanta native Danielle Deadwyler, who serves as the main protagonist in McClodden’s four part film epic Be Alarmed.

HER: and exploration of the voices and images of the industry - Murmur Gallery

Curation & Monologues Tash Nikol, Koja Creative

Set Installation: Frko

Video Installation: Brandon English

Seemstress: Bianca Cooper, Biyunka Brand

Engineering: Andy Pruett, Second Story

Her: and exploration of the voices and images of the industry brings a true identity to the women who embody the art form of exotic dancing, highlighting the cultural and economic impact they have on our city. The identity of an exotic dancer is often separate from that of the woman, and made into an objectified, sexualized image we see in the media; one whose purpose is for the pleasure of men.
Through creating a visceral experience of lighting, sound, and effects, the installation will show performers reciting monologues that give an identity beyond the club to the women who make exotic dancing their profession.

South Downtown's Past W/ Atlanta History Center -Downtown Players Club

Historical imagery and noteworthy articles of South Downtown sourced from the Atlanta History Center archives will be on display at the Downtown Players Club.

Josephine Figueroa"You Are Here" HL Green

You Are Here is an experimental video and sound installation experience. The installation will consist of four enclosed screen with video projected on each screen accompanied by surround sound. The video will be an experimental expression of the unheard stories of South Downtown: stories of migration, of growth, of poverty, of life and loss. The title 'You Are Here' seeks to invite the audience to get to know not only the space in which they are visiting for the installation, but also the overall experience of the neighborhood.

Earlier Event: October 14
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