Call for Proposals: Floyd's Plaza Murals

We are looking for a muralist to paint multiple sections of Floyd’s plaza (825 McDaniels Street). Muralist should have extensive experience working safely on and operating AWPs. Artist must provide and wear their own fall protection when operating the AWP.

The areas murals will be painted are the light posts in the parking lot (3), the Ballard in front of the Bee Glad Lounge (estimated 15), the retaining wall at the North end of the parking area, and the Floyd Plaza Sign (which will have Floyd’s Plaza repainted by the muralist on top of the finished piece), see image below. The selected artist will be required to make sure all surfaces are clean of dust, prime, and paint. On the bollards and lamp posts we envision a simple pattern with more elaborate murals on the Floyd’s Plaza Sign and the northern retaining wall. All pieces should work together as a collective artwork with a shared color palette and imagery. The budget includes oil-based exterior house paint, all materials. We will provide a small areal work platform for use.

Floyd’s Plaza Murals

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