Art Sparking Conversations

Atlanta is home to many rich histories. The city is constantly becoming. As a cultural community, we grapple with issues of socioeconomic disparity and identity politics from a uniquely Southern, and specifically Atlanta perspective. Aesthetics and conversations of Race, Gender, Class, Ability, Nationality, Sexuality and other identities are not things to neutralize but to acknowledge and celebrate. The citizens of Atlanta exist at various intersections of these identities, so rather than an individual vision, the curatorial team brings together a few different perspectives in order to execute an accessible yet nuanced presentation. The curators of Microcosm represent a sample of the diverse Atlanta art community and its relationship to the economics of the built environment. The curatorial team is made up of Allie Bashuk, Monica Campana, Mark DiNatale, and Pastiche Lumumba, who aim to bring often whispered conversations out into the streets through public art, dialog, and performance. South Downtown, like the rest of our city, and country, is situated at a crucial moment in its history. This time and space is a Microcosm from which we can unpack a multidimensional dialogue about the past, present, and future of cultural value in South Downtown.

“Allie, Mark, Pastiche and I bring very different perspectives and curatorial approaches to Microcosm. I hope that Microcosm helps highlight Atlanta’s diverse identities and rich histories but mostly pushes us as artists and curators to be more responsible with our curatorial and art practice.” -Monica Campana

“We quickly realized it takes a hive-minded mentality to really gather balanced perspectives to accomplish a theme that truly represents the complexity of the microcosm that is Atlanta.” -Allie Bashuk

Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

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Participating Organizations:


Atlanta City Studio

Atlanta History Center

Broad Street Visitors Center

C4 Atlanta

Cartooning for Peace

Center for Civic Innovation

Civil Bikes

Consulate of France in Atlanta

Cultivating Cultures

Digital Good Times

Diverse Groups

Downtown Player’s Club

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Flux Projects

France Atlanta

The Goat Farm Arts Center


Living Walls

M. Rich Center

Mammal Gallery


Red, Bike and Green


Southern Fried Queer Pride