Conceived by former Public Art Services Program Manager Eddie Granderson, and funded by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, ELEVATE is a public art program that seeks to activate the downtown Atlanta area through visual art, performances, and cultural events. The focus of ELEVATE is to enhance the cultural offerings in downtown Atlanta, and highlight what makes Atlanta unique. Since the first festival in 2011, this program has provided free, quality cultural experiences with the desired outcome of increasing cultural and economic vitality. ELEVATE is a unique public art experience for artists and the general public. Summer 2016 marked the start of year-round programming. Each year in October the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs will present the ELEVATE public art festival and three other times a year we will present free public art experiences. These events will feature local, national and international art and artists strategically presented to capture the interest and imagination of viewers, while providing an entirely new and accessible experience for downtown Atlanta.